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Go Girl!

As you have previously read in my first post it has taken me years to start this blog due to fear and laziness. But there was another reason as well, I was suffering with something…. Drumroll please………………….. , PERFECTIONITIS ( yeah I know it’s not a word but just go with me) . I believed and wanted everything to be perfect before I started and put the blog out there. I mean I am Christ’s ambassador , I represent him right so it should be perfect right?

I wanted the perfect color combo , perfect logo, perfect WordPress theme, perfect content , perfect layout, perfect pictures …… Perfect perfect perfect

Well what I eventually realized is that when GOD has called you to do something HE doesn’t ask “you” to make everything “perfect” before starting. HE just tells you to GO and walk in obedience. When we try to make everything “perfect” we rob GOD from revealing Himself to us, through HIM helping us along the way. It also allows us to grow in our trust and see HIM work even through our weaknesses. But please do not misunderstand I am not saying, I am not saying to just do things without effort and be be mediocre, No No No definitely not. What I am saying is Go girl with what you have.

Examples :

• Say you want to use your talents to be a photographer but you do not have money for a Canon Rebel (or whatever is the best camera), we’ll do you have another camera or an iPhone or Samsung cell phone ( cell phone cameras have come a long way ). If you do, download some accompanying apps and give your all. Take the best pics ever until you are able to upgrade. Who knows GOD may allow a bomb sale to come around or someone to see your passion and gift you with one.

• GOD may have been seeking you out and putting a desire in your heart to get closer to him. But you are saying I do not know where to start and in order to come to GOD I need to be “perfect”. No start where you are , start reading one of the Gospels and allow GOD to transform and speak to you through his Word!

In Judges 6

GOD had called Gideon but Gideon starting looking at what he didn’t have … But the LORD said this

“The Lord turned to him and said, “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. Am I not sending you?””

Judges 6:14 NIV

Guess what,  This hold true for us…. When GOD calls you , Go Girl and watch GOD work! HE is calling YOU specifically ! ❤

Go Girl in the strength and with what you have!

8 comments on “Go Girl!”

  1. Dr. Nnenna says:

    I love this! I’m inspired to go! and do my thing! I’m always full of ideas and I need to go for it! There’s nothing that God can not use us to do especially if we trust Him completely and in all things we work as we are working for God and not men. Awesome stuff!!!

    1. Zainabu says:

      Yayyy I am glad you did! Yes Go for it Dr. Nnenna, GOD is just waiting to blow you away!

  2. Shanielle says:

    I love what you said about when God calls us to do something it’s not for us to be perfect initially because we’ll get better with time. That’s very true. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

    1. Zainabu says:

      Yes we do and Thank you I appreciate it!! 🙂

  3. Bahamian Legend says:

    Awesome stuff Zaina. I’m inspired to start a YouTube channel. May God bless you and your dreams with this website!

    1. Zainabu says:

      Thanks I appreciate it! Yes Go for it , I cannot to wait to see all GOD will do through your channel!

  4. Nik VanDyke-Williams says:

    Awesome Zaina!! Im grateful for all the amazing things going in my life right now. But all this transitioning can be overwhelming and I can be tempted to sit back and wait for everything to fall into place or for me to start feeling comfortable in my new environment. It’s so easy to want to just hang tight to the relationships I’ve already developed in NY. But I’m inspired by this post to take my new home and ministry by hand & dive into building new relationships and into doing the work God has created for me here in Philly!

    Right now God has it on my heart to put together a dgroup lesson series for my BT. Instead of trying to make it “perfect”. I’m praying its impactful & I want it to be interactive. My goal is to get everyone involved & that we can bond while we grow closer to God. Keep me in your prayers. That I can lead with vulnerability & love

    Thanks Zaina!! 😘

    1. Zainabu says:

      Thank you Nicole! Yes Go for it! I pray it is going well and I will be praying just focus on the “Go” part and walking in obedience. GOD will work out the rest. I cannot wait to hear all that GOD is doing and will be doing!

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