Heart Check. . . Unapologetically

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Heart Check . . . Unapologetically
I have been away on vacation in Florida, one of the mornings I woke up with GOD sharing this with me
“External actions will not fix internal problems. Work from the inside out. Work on the root.”
The truth is there are no shortcuts when striving to become who GOD has called you to be. We have to start from within and allow our internal transformation to exude out.
At times I personally get so fixated on the external, my actions. . .
What do I have to do?
How should I look?
When in essence those things will never fix the internal, the heart . We will just end up coming back time and time again to the issue, because we are not dealing with the root.
• You can have a few good days at the gym but you will never see true results if I do not deal with your emotional eating or lack of discipline.
• You can be cordial and give a person a hug but it will be short lived if I do not deal with the way they hurt you or the bitterness that is building up because of it.
While on vacation I felt like GOD had been helping me to see the ugly within me.
Ahhhhhhhh I hate being confronted with my ugly , it’s soooooooooooooo ugly 😩.
GOD has shown me that I have not truly dealt with some things. I have some things I need to confront, expose , heal from and forgiveness that needs to take place. One of those were past hurts that I experienced by different people. I thought I was over those of situations, I mean on different occasions I have  spoken to some of the individuals I was hurt by. I mean I have been nice and cordial isn’t that good enough😔.
But really all the while walls were being built up. They served as a type of “protection” which didn’t allow anyone past the wall so they wouldn’t  get to the depths of my heart and hurt me. The wall in all actuality served no protection at all and because of the wall it has been hard for new friendships to  grow and current ones to truly blossom. That’s exactly what happens when we/ I do not deal with the internal, my heart , mi corazón! It effects multiple areas.
The Bible says ,
“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? “I the Lord search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.” Jeremiah‬ ‭17:9-10‬ ‭NIV‬‬
We have to go to the ONE who can understand our complex and deceitful hearts! We can psych ourselves thinking we are good and doing well until GOD exposes it. I had to go to HIM when he showed me and have to continue to do so as time goes on. I am not perfect and still growing.
 There are no shortcuts to growth and being transformed into a true Woman of GOD.
We are here for a purpose and we cannot waste it being weighed down by the ugly.
With GOD guiding us we can deal and confront the ugly within us.
We are not here to be counterfeits and not maximize our full potential. GOD cannot bless us being counterfeits. We need to get honest and confront the ugly. I mean who likes being ugly I sure don’t but I hate and fear more living a lie and for my life to be in vain.
Though it doesn’t feel or look good I am super grateful for GOD showing me this because I can start praying and working on these areas specifically. In doing this I will truly become whole and the woman HE has called me to be. I do not want to just ” play or look the part (what a waste of time). I am here to become a true Unapologetic Woman of GOD, that’s who I desire and want to be! Do not allow what gets exposed to make you insecure or leave you in a discouraged state and stagnant, instead tackle it! Do not give the enemy any victory in this or any area in your life.
So Here’s to all of us learning to Be ok with looking ugly Unapologetically so GOD can make us look good! When GOD makes us look good, it’s better then any makeup brand sold in Sephora and lasts longer then any name brand clothing.
Have you had a Heart ❤ check lately ? What areas in your heart do you feel GOD tugging at for you to deal with?
Go to GOD then share with someone who can hold you accountable as you are being unapologetically transformed.
Love y’all

2 comments on “Heart Check. . . Unapologetically”

  1. Dr. Nnenna says:

    Z, these get better and better each one you write! I love this concept entire concept of being who God created you to be unapologetically. Your vulnerability is super refreshing and relatable. I too have had moments when it’s easier to just do the practical than deal with my heart, and I guess there is a time for just going ahead and doing what is right in order to motivate your heart to embrace it, however I have found that the pushing through certain emotions without fully acknowledging them is detrimental to my faith. I love the scripture you shared as well. My heart is deceitful, but I find that when I pour out my heart to God because He knows me completely and totally it releases me from whatever emotional chains that are binding me in the moment. I’m like “He gets me” He totally Gets Me” and I am them able to move on. Anyway great stuff! Thanks for sharing !

  2. Victoria says:

    Friend! I’ve been realizing the SAME UGLY in my heart!! It’s funny how it comes out when you’re finally on vacation and you have time to BREATHE and process your emotions! It’s so painful but so good! Proud of you for facing your ugly and looking for forgiveness and closure! The TRUTH surely sets us free!!!! Love you lots ❤️

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